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Tanya Koster

Just a nice person who "looks for the good in everything"

My story

I was born in cold Chelyabinsk and was never fond of winter. I never wanted a mink coat. When I moved to Dubai 13 years ago I was happy. But then I met my husband - a South African - who showed me his country and I fell in love. In 2017 we moved to Durban - a tropical paradise where summer is all year round. I love Indian Ocean and that my kids learn to surf. I love Nature reserves and that we can go hiking every morning. I love animals and that we can see the Big 5 in their habitat just 3 hours away from home. I love local people - they are super friendly and accommodating. I love great food - Durban Bunny chow is famous for a reason. I love fruits - best mangos and avocados in the world, and litchi too. I love Zulu culture - it teaches you such a different way of life. I will tell you about Ubuntu. We live in Durban with three small children. We feel safe and secure. I want to show you My Durban.

What do I do here?

Like many in Russia I studied to be an Interpreter and after I tried myself in Hotel business in the States through Work and Travel I decided that Hotel would be my life. When I wanted to move to UAE I decided that I would only do it if Burj Al Arab (that sail-shaped hotel) would offer me a job, which they did. I started as a receptionist and then moved on to finally become a Front Office Manager. I lived on the job. But meanwhile I got married and had 2 kids. When the third child came along we decided it was time to settle down, so we moved to Durban where my husband is from. Here I continued working in Tourism - but this time as a tour operator and a guide. This made me learn so much about the city and country that oftentimes I teach my husband about his motherland.

What's the best of my city?

Durban is in the heart of Zululand - and influence of local Zulu culture is very well felt in everything here. On the other hand the city was built by British. It is very well organized and architecturally stunning (did you know it is one of the Art Deco capitals of the world?). Durban is a melting pot of cultures - Zulu, Hindu, Afrikaans, British - all live together. Have you seen a Muslim, Christian and Jewish cemetery next to each other in the middle of the city? There is nothing you can't find in Durban or KwaZulu-Natal Province. Art and Culture? Fantastic collections of African art and traditional Zulu village experiences are extraordinary. Hiking? Drakensberg Mountains go up to over 3000 meters and boast some of the best Bushmen rock art shelters. Safari? The second world's oldest proclaimed nature reserve Hluhluwe-Imfolozi - the place that brought rhinos back from extinction - is 3 hours leisurely drive away from Durban. And so much more!

My tours secret sauce

I like my guests seeing real Durban - and making their own mind about the city and locals. I like walking the streets and chatting with locals on the way. I I am also a mom with 3 kids - so I know restaurants with playground, litchi farms where kids can pick and eat and many a bird park.

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