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Anna Kireeva






My story

My family moved to Murmansk from the middle part of Russia, when I was 8. My father was originally from Murmansk, a seaman by profession. So I grew up in a typical Murmansk family with a father working abroad as a seaman by 6 months shifts, and mother as a housewife.

What do I do here?

I am an Arctic environmental journalist based in the Russian Arctic town. It's a center of Barents cooperation, and many Arctic International projects. Murmansk looks Soviet, with European thinking, and the the last town founded by the Russian Empire. It's a quiet, not big, and a very safe place. With good food.

What's the best of my city?

Murmansk is hospitable, and not overcrowded. It's the biggest town in the world built in the Arctic Circle. What is the most attractive in the Arctic? Of course its nature - Polar lights and Polar day, breathtaking landscapes of remote areas, small villages, waterfalls and lakes.

My tours secret sauce

I am not a professional guide, I am a person, who grew up and lives in Murmansk, loves my town, and can introduce it to visitors. I'll be glad to show you the "must see", but also some non-obvious parts of town to give you a feeling of the place, its background, its present, and its people.

Discover Murmansk with Anna Kireeva

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