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Saint Petersburg
My story

I live in St. Petersburg for more than 25 years. Amazing, but 25 years ago, we went to see the first professional Italian lighting in the city, which was installed on the St. Nicholas Church, as on a miracle of the world. Very global changes for best have occurred during this time. And I'm happy that I had possibility to see these improving with my own eyes, feel with my own feet and touch it with my own hands.

What do I do here?

It so difficult to keep in mind one thing in the city that will make the greatest impression on the guests. In my opinion, St. Petersburg is a amazing city with very friendly, cultural and butiful people. And of course, our city looking best during White Night.

What's the best of my city?

I am not a supporter of well-known and popular places and views such as from postcards. During my travels, I do not try to see all the museums, bridges or towers of a city. I have always been attracted by the Soul of a city, something not marked as "must see" in guidebook. Same places I will try to show to our guests and future friends.

My tours secret sauce

In addition, the location of St. Petersburg allows you to not only be limited to the city. Within a one-two-day walk, it can be the coast of the Gulf of Finland and Ladoga Lake with lighthouses and forts. South Karelia with fish and nature, Staraya Ladoga, Veliky Novgorod, Vyborg with its centuries-old stories.

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