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Hey, i am Alex 25 years old 👋 I am a Localie in Minsk, nice to met you. Let me shortly introduce myself in 5 facts: 1) i've been already in 32 countries 2) i am an ex'evs volunteer in Slovenia 3) i made a road trip from Moscow to Atlantic ocean by 40 y.o. van 4) i am organising group trips to Iceland 🇮🇸 5) i Love Minsk (used to work as guide in free walking tours) and make your local exercise unforgettable 🔥 Whats on in Minsk? Well, first of all i would like to mention that i have two floor wooden house so i can be your host. Second i have a car Mazda 3 (2009) so we can explore hidden jams of the city which are impossible to reach by foot. ------ Hm..if you up for a cup of coffee I know few wonderful places which we can visit in the beginning of our tour. Than lets go to see an alternative face of Minsk - Oktabrkskaja street, believe me you will be impressed. Then let's go to the city center to see main sightseeings and enjoy spirit of the city. Later on we will have a stop in a good eating place depends on your interest. In the second part of a day we will have a bunch of options for hang out in local bar, visit museum, have a culture program whatever you wish. Btw we have a bike sharing so if you up for a ride, let's do it. So see y in Minsk. Cheers 👍

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