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Daniel Bizarria




My story

I'm Brazilian, from Minas Gerais state. I came to Porto with my wife, after spending 2 years in New Zealand. She came to study and I came along. We choose to be here in Porto because of my wife studies, she's a artist painter, of the proximity to Brazil and of the history and culture that Porto has to offer.

What do I do here?

I worked and work on almost everything. Work to pay the bills and not live for the work. I don't see myself as a job title. In Brazil I worked from door man to physics teacher and abroad I do a little bit of everything, like MacDonald crew members to hand worker in construction.

What's the best of my city?

Porto is like a time machine, you see the new and the old (medieval old) side by side every day in almost every corner of the city. You can just walk for most of the time to see the scenery. It's a very good place to eat Portuguese traditional dishes, they're very proud of their cuisine.

My tours secret sauce

The experience with me as your localie will be like to have a local that knows how to enjoy both sides of the city, the touristic one and the local one. Have good walks around the center region helping you to familiarize with the dynamic of the city at the same time you will enjoy the architecture of the buildings and landscape of the Douro river.

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