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Gala Palieva

Traveller, nature lover and story-teller

My story

Locally born I've been living in Volgograd all my life and I think I'm truly a localie here. Early childhood, school, university years, family life and professional career are associated with this city for me. I have lots of friends and know lots of places to go and to do here in a top local way)

What do I do here?

I work in sales and marketing and I have lots of hobbies like thaichi, hiking, arts, culture studies, history, etc. City guidance is one of them. I believe that not a place makes a person but a person makes a place. Making personal connections and meeting new people is the most valuable thing we bring from our trips and life experience in general.

What's the best of my city?

Volgograd's former name is Stalingrad. It has become the world known because of the Stalingrad battle that is considered to be the breaking point of the WW2. The city's visit card is the Mamayev Kurgan memorial with the huge statue of Motherland on top. There are many other museums, monuments and sights dedicated to the battle that I would be glad to show and to tell about that would truly turn your world upside down. Those specially interested in the WW2 history could go for a battlefield tour. Modern Volgograd is not less interesting. It is one of the longest cities in tbe World stretching for about 100km along the river Volga, the largest river in Europe, and has nice streets, cafes, parks and places to see.

My tours secret sauce

I love to make adventures out of routine things. I love to tell stories and to show around. There are nice park areas in the center of Volgograd to have a bike ride around. Or eat local. Or go for a workshop if you like arts and crafts. Or take a boat or yacht trip if its a warm season. Or go skating to the frozen creek or the lighted skating ring in the center in winter. Or go fishing. Or paragliding. Or visit the Volgo-Don channel, know its history and watch the huge cargo boats going through locks. I can show the best spots for your insta pics and will be glad to take them for you

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