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Jaap van der Kooij

Born and raised in the Netherlands, travelled a lot in Europe but finally living in Russia

My story

Born and raised in Breda, the Netherlands, I worked a long time for DAF Trucks to support all European offices as an IT-consultant. I liked the travelling very much. It is a great way to meet people, get to know other cultures and open your mind. So together with my wife we started to organise trips in Russian Altai. One of Russia's most beautiful regions. Organizing trips in the summerholidays fo my job worked for a few years, but in 2020 I finally moved definitely to Russia. The appreciation and happiness from our guests is overwhelming. To be honest, it gives so much more satisfaction than working in the IT-sector :D.

What do I do here?

Together with my wife I organise trips in the Russain Altai. My hobbies are travelling, photography (landscapes and wildlife)

What's the best of my city?

Altai is an awesome place, located in 4 countries it is in the heart of Eurasia. We only travel in the Russian part, locals are very friendly and helpfull. The Altaian culture is very interesting and close to nature. Next to the culture, the landscapes are fantastic, imagine to stay on the top of a mountain, look around and see nothing what is made by people.

My tours secret sauce

We take good care of our guests, we don't just follow the itinerary, we let you experience it, give you an adventure and you will tell many stories about Altai in the future to your friends.

Discover Altay with Jaap van der Kooij

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