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Jessica Rosas

Positive Fashion, Graphic Designer and Illustrator

My story

Brazilian Fashion Designer and Illustrator. Traveled a lot inside Brazil and a bit through Europe until moved to Porto about a year ago for work and study after falling in love with it when first visiting for a Fashion conference a few years ago. I love creating and learning and so, being part Portuguese, choosing Porto as my next home was the obvious choice for me and I don't regret it!

What do I do here?

Before moving to Porto I lived for many years in Rio where I studied Fashion and a short time in the UK where I also studied the same. As I like to be productive I've always worked while travelin​​​​g. Be it at hostels or as a freelancer in Fashion, Graphic Design and Illustration. Now in Porto, ​I'm taking both my Post Grad and Masters in Illustration and Textile Design while working as a freelancer in the area for brands all around the world.

What's the best of my city?

As some of the previous cities I lived in (Rio and London), I love how eventful Porto is! There's always some interesting event going on in town, like wine and food fairs, music and art festival and so on. The weather is very enjoyable and the​ views this place can provide are simply amazing! Not to mention the tasty food and friendly people all around town. PS. If you love wine, the Porto wine would be a great try!

My tours secret sauce

I'm an easygoing, positive, creative type of person and would love to share some of that energy for your trip! I'll be happy to share my favorite hidden, more local coffee shops, bars, and beautiful view kind of spots to discover around town. Or party places too if that's your thing! I can also take you for day trips to some beautiful, smaller and less famous cities that are close by, like Braga and Aveiro which are a short and affordable train trip away from Porto. So be it a food path, shopping path, art path or a lot of walking path around town, you can count me in! I'll be happy to help you have a time as interesting, nice and fun as my own here in Porto :)

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