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Neurobiologist, writer and girl who have a dream^^

Saint Petersburg
My story

St. Petersburg - my hometown. I was born here and got education. My early years passed here and it was here that I experienced the most joyous moments of life. I travelled a lot through Europe and Asia, even visited Japan, but I am always happy to come back home. A city that is beautiful at any time of the year. Do not believe, it is not always raining in St. Petersburg!

What do I do here?

I am a neuroscientist and spent many years in Finland doing research. Then I decided to change my life to do what I really like - to learn languages, engage in creativity and photo art. Therefore, I returned home. My dream is a world tour, during which I will face other cultures and philosophy. I will once write a book about my adventures.

What's the best of my city?

St. Petersburg is a unique city. For everyone it is special, his or her own. If you visit it once, you will be dream to come back again and again. Petersburg has many aspects to it. Beautiful architecture coexists with informal places, here people with different worldviews get along. The city welcomes any ideas. It is considered the birthplace of informal subcultures, the capital of rock music. There are many places with mystical energy, places that make dreams come true (I checked out myself!). Petersburg is tolerant. Seeing a strangely dressed stranger with bright hair and weird clothing in the subway, passers-by kindly smile at him. For this, I love my city, a place of power and a source of inspiration.

My tours secret sauce

why me? hey, i'm a shy girl and i can't really praise myself. But ... If you want to listen to non-trivial stories not only about Petersburg and its history, but also on any topic (traveling in Japan included), sit in beautiful places (I am a big specialist on Asian cafes and nice coffee shops), get a photo session or even your portrait anime-style, observe mystical Petersburg from a bird's eye view, fulfil a couple of cherished wishes, I will be very glad to meet you. I love meeting new people and I always have something to say ^ _ ^

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