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Maria Zakharova-Sarovskaya

a passionate University teacher, a scientist, a happy mother and wife, idea's generator

My story

I've been living in Novosibirk (Siberia) for my whole life. And, of course, I know all the secret little places in the city and around. The city is magnificent, captivating, telling its own story through lifestories of different people leaving here, through architecture, music, ballets and concerts, through Russian cousine and Siberian pelmeni, cafes and parks, broad streets and small paths, things and natural sights.

What do I do here?

Being a professional linguist, a scientist and a teacher of English, I love telling people about Russian culture, our unique traditions and especially about perception of a culture through language. As a full-time mother with daughters-unschoolers I created a family center and love organizing deifferent events from quests to debates. As a biker I enjoy all the great views of Novosibirsk and the region. As a head of foreign department I'm crazy about transferring my passion of our place. As a cook I know a lot of delicious recipies. As a gardener I'm fond of planting. Many passions, many hobbies !

What's the best of my city?

Our city is diverse - from highly-developed industrial adn scientific center - through cultural capital of Siberia - to a place with unique nature. You should enjoy our broad prospects, vast territories, the mighty Ob river and the Ob sea. Visit Akademical city - a famous scientific center, and Koltsovo - a biotechnopark, where viruses live and vaccines are created. Of coarse, our Trans-Siberian Railway and night trains or small trips to Russian summer houses by railroad might attract everyone's attention. Being a capital of Siberia, Novosibirsk can offer huge cultural programme - ballets and operas, Art Museum, Museum of USSR, Museum of the Sun, even Museum of Happiness)))

My tours secret sauce

I love people, study from everyone, enjoy good company, talks and sharing experience. I'm different at different times - love active life or meditation, trips to nature and the best sparkling theaters, cafes or hotels, hot Siberian summers with beaches, lakes, rivers and our sea, snowy warm or cold winters with ice-skating or just roaming around in the streets and snowdrifts, biking and planes. And of course all the Art events, linguistic conferences and libraries.

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