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Oksana Yudaeva


Saint Petersburg
My story

I was born in Saint-Petersburg and it was a long way to become friends with the city. When I was a child my mum took me to different places: museums, theatres, shops etc. And it was always a puzzle for me, how she could find the way in subway and in the centre, and why every time the route is so different. And those people im museums and on tours - why do they always speak about the same persons like tsars, poets, writers? Who are all those people and how are they connected (if they are)? These questions haunted me and step by step I started learning more and more about the city, architecture, history, districts. Our city is big enough and there is still much to explore, but I already know much and have a great desire to share my knowledge with as many people as possible.

What do I do here?

My interest to my city and what is going on in general around me was one of the reasons why I've decided to become a guide. Another reason is that I like - I love, actually - telling stories. So, my job is guiding around the city and suburbs and in my free time I look for new attractive places and gorgeous buildings - everything to make a new route for the tours.

What's the best of my city?

I have some favourite districts in the city, mostly in the centre. All of them have enormous historical background. In fact, it's right about any district of the city - even the outskirts where I live have a long story, this place came through many changes, the only one minus is that it's not a beautiful place, comparing to the centre. On the hand, the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and that means that any place can be fantastic or not. And what I love in my city is that it's a mix of different styles, tracks of former epochs and many various stories - and one can find this mix round any corner.

My tours secret sauce

Remember, I've said that I love telling stories? This means that I'm constantly looking for new information, repeat some knowledge from the past experience... No, I was not going to boast. I just wanted to say that usually I turn my telling stories into some kind of a stand-up show. So, if you like unexpected plot twists flavoured with humour - let's take a walk around my Saint-Pete.

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