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NiMade Olga Damayanti

A traveller who loves Turkey up to sky and back

My story

Welcome here! My name is Olga and I am a Russian who at some moment decided to live in Turkey. Before Turkey, I used to live in many countries, but Turkey made me feel at home. Since then I've spent 5 years in the Mediterranean region, Alanya town, working as a touristic guide for group tours to Pamukkale and Kappadokya, but at last, I felt unsatisfied with that as I had to act according to our touristic company program. There were so many amazing places around our regular locations to show! But I couldn't. A couple of years ago I came for vacations to a small town Kars in the East of Turkey and fallen in love with it completely. I came there several times and each time Kars opened to me more and more its secrets. In 2019 I decided to move up there for good and my dream came true in June 2020. Since then I became a local in Kars.

What do I do here?

I am a student now at the local university. I felt like to learn one more language and I've chosen Georgian. Actually, the Georgian border is just nearby, so I decided it is a good idea to be able to speak the language of our neighbors. Also, I help to organize group tours in our region, as well as doing tours for people who visit Kars. I really love showing different places to my guests and explain their history. It gives me a very special feeling and satisfaction. Also, I am really happy that I can create my own program of the tour according to my guests' interests - it is extremely important for me.

What's the best of my city?

This town is small but has an extremely rich history, including Chalcolithic, Byzantian, Persian, Medieval Armenian, Georgian, Russian periods, and many more in between. Each of these periods left some amazing remainings which I am keen to show to my guests. I believe that our region deserves to be visited by people from all over the world! During the city tour, you will see mostly the Russian Empire period, some of the Armenian and Ottoman well. If you go to Ani - it's used to be the capital of the medieval Armenian Kingdom - you will see beautiful churches (one of them has unusual frescoes), under the city there are a lot of caves where people used to live until recent times, medieval oil factories remain, and of course impressive Ani city walls. Also, not far away from Kars, we have canyons with petroglyphs where you can touch the 8 thousand years of history!

My tours secret sauce

My secret sauce in my tours is to show much more than a regular tourist can learn from a regular tour guide. For that, I've spent several months with old locals who shared with me amazing stories and their memories. And yes, I still meeting different people and learning from them something more each time till now. I found a hidden part of the street in Ani which is now covered underground, I discovered the nearest locations with petroglyphs, and I regularly meet local archeologists to learn about their new findings. And I am happy to share all of this with my guests.

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