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Svetlana Zelenova

Avid traveler, dreamer and inspirer

My story

I was born in Samara, but moved to Moscow for a job about 16 years ago. I worked in UK, USA and major Russian law firms offices in Moscow for over 14 years. And 2 years ago I decided to stop working at office and to start my career in travel industry, because travel is my passion and a work of my dream. Being a traveler is my calling and my life. I like to travel and to show foreigners Russia as it is, free from stereotypes.

What do I do here?

I liked living in Samara, I studied there and got my 2 diplomas there. But now I live a life of my dreams in Moscow. I travel for work within Russia and for pleasure abroad. I have 2 freelance jobs and am absolutely happy about it. Moscow is a perfect place for such a globetrotter like me. If you are interested to follow my adventures, please join me on Instagram travel_addicted_Russian :-)

What's the best of my city?

Moscow has something to offer to every traveler: for art lovers it has plenty of galleries and art exhibitions, for history lovers it has a lot of museums, monuments, architectural sights, for nature lovers it has hectares of parks and estates, for foodies it has a wide selection of restaurants and cafes, for party animals it has dozens of lively bars and clubs. Moscow never sleeps and always welcomes positive people ready to explore life and to experience Russian culture, to see that Russians are as good or as bad as any other nation can be :-)

My tours secret sauce

One of the ingredients of my secret sauce is me :-) Very experienced traveler myself, I will always find the most suitable experiences for you in this big city. I love history and architecture, I know the city as nobody does. I also can teach you to read Russian in less than 1 hour 💥 The rest of my secret ingredients/talents I will not disclose before meeting you in person, as it won’t be a secret sauce anymore 😉

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