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Anastasia Mostovaya

English teacher, actress, dancer and pastry chef

My story

Murmansk is my hometown. Here I was born, grew up, studied, broke my arm, died my hair, overslept work ... Here is my whole life, that I love with all my heart! In Murmansk I’ve realized that I don’t like heat, but I don’t like frost either. That snow in May is normal! And when at first there is no sun for more than a month, and then it does not set even at night - is also normal! That you need to keep your feet warm, and even in summer you’d better take a warm jacket with you. And that, despite the harsh climate, people here are very warm!)

What do I do here?

I am a 4th year student at the Murmansk Arctic State University and an English teacher at the non-formal educational space “Dream Big”. I've never lived in another city (only during vacations, but that doesn't count). I’ve never had a desire to move. What I really want is to travel and experience other cities and countries. Perhaps these trips will make me wanna change the place of living or finally convince me that Murmansk is the best city on Earth!)

What's the best of my city?

I live at the Fool’s hill (yes, that's what the locals call it. Why? Come, I'll tell you!) A stunning view of the city opens up from here! In the morning the city sleeps under a thick fog. In the afternoon it is already sunbathing. In the evening you just raise your head up and there the stunning northern lights stretch across the sky! And you admire them, although you’ve seen them quite a number of times! You admire and think: “How much do we miss when we just watch our steps!”

My tours secret sauce

How about homemade pastry? Or a bottle of beer with stockfish? Or maybe an ice cream, but we must eat it in winter and outside! Or cloudberries just from the forest in autumn. I cannot promise you northern lights or good weather. That is something you can hope for.) What I can promise is that we will have some fun and you will bring home some unforgettable memories!

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