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Artem Kononovich

A student, debater and traveller. Love to discover new places and people


Hey there! I'm belarusian student born in Minsk and it's huge pleasure for me to see the development and growth of my home city for the last few years and develop myself together with it. I've already visited more than 20 countries and it of course helped me to compare and finally to find an unrepeatable charm of my home town. I will show you Minsk from different angles and you'll see that it is quete perfect collaboration of soviet architecture, public places and shops with underground parties and galleries, night life and postindustial spaces with lots of activities. You will broke (or confirm!) stereotypes about Minsk and will get acquainted with its non-touristic part as well as common popular places in order to get the full and objective picture of belarusian capital. I'm also happy that belarusian national identity is in progress now and of course we can't leave belarusian national food, cute conсeptual shops and folksy art places without our attention. However I'm living in Minsk for 18 years I don't stop to discover it more and more, so we will be surprised together by interesting locations and unusual people during our trip. Make sure that our trip can be not only usual hiking through the city sights but an emotional journey about "real" Minsk using bicycles, public transport and even catamarans through the river of Svisloch.

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