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Let’s celebrate Saint Petersburg's birthday together!

27 May 2020

Saint Peterburg, the former capital of the Russian Empire, is turning 317 on May 27. Let’s celebrate its birthday together! Join us on a walk in Petersburg, one of the most well-planned European cities, and one of the most beautiful as well: pastel-coloured palaces, golden spires and domes, huge imperial squares, and regular straight streets, rivers, and canals, endless evenings in the late May and breath-taking views… It’s like Paris, Venice, and Rome all together, in one place. We will start from the Palace square, where the famous Winter palace stands. We’ll try to solve its mysteries and dispel some myths, we’ll find the place where the fluffy guards of the Hermitage museum live, we’ll show you where Catherine the Great organized her “only for friends” parties and which legendary sculpture can make your wish come true. Then we’ll enjoy the most Venetian view in Saint Petersburg and find a place where the ghost of a girl appears sometimes. Want to learn more?



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