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Orlando has a Downtown! Walking tour of the most local spot in the most tourist city

19 June 2020

Orlando has a Downtown! Join our online tour through the most local spot in the most touristic city 🔥 Hi everyone, my name is Anna, localie in Orlando FL. I am originally from Russia, but I have been living in sunny Florida for 9 years. This busy city became my home and I love it dearly 😍 I myself became a part of its diverse travel scene. I combine my background in education and knowledge of travel trends. Everyone thinks that Orlando is all about theme parks and… it’s true. But local people also have to do something. So despite common misconception, Orlando does have a nice Downtown and it has some nice places to visit. Let’s discover it together. We will see our beautiful Lake Eola, symbols of Orlando, Funky art, and more. Learn a little about the history of the city that is now ruled by a Mouse… 🐭 See you there on Friday!

Anna A

Anna A

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