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Online-tour in New Holland Island, one of the most striking spaces of St.Petersburg

03 July 2020

Hi, guys! I'm Andrey from St. Petersburg👋🏼 I live in St. Petersburg for more than 25 years 🇷🇺 In my opinion, St. Petersburg is an amazing city with very friendly, cultural, and beautiful people. I am not a supporter of well-known and popular places and views such as from postcards. During my travels, I do not try to see all the museums, bridges, or towers of a city. I have always been attracted by the Soul of a city, something not marked as "must-see" in a guidebook. St. Petersburg common areas are opening now: parks, squares, gardens. And for many, and of course for me, New Holland is one of the most beloved places in St. Petersburg. 🎏 It is the most beautiful, with its own history, and still in constant change. It is very nice to see one of the first new locations here that were restored in the last few years immediately after the resumption of the visit. Within 40 minutes we will go around the island, visit inside, see what has been working there for a long time and what has opened just now. We will also see some of the interesting, but not very tourist district of St. Petersburg Kolomna. 😍Join me!



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