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Dupont Circle Atmosphere

15 July 2020

Hello everyone! My name is Marina, and I live in Washington, DC. 👋 I first visited the US in 2016 via the Work&Travel program. After graduating from university in Russia and working for some time, I got enrolled at a university in the US, where I am currently studying. Apart from the standard agenda with museums and monuments, I can walk you around a less typical Washington, DC. 💛Join me on Wednesday, July 15th, for an online tour “Dupont Circle Atmosphere”. We will take a walk through the Washington historic district called Dupont Circle. This is not the most popular place to visit, but it is very atmospheric and impressive. I will lead you along Massachusetts Street, AKA Embassy Row — the street where most embassies with very beautiful architecture are located. I will take a look at the monument to Taras Shevchenko and see the Woodrow Wilson House, located in a peaceful neighborhood. After the tour, I will treat myself with some coffee as a reward for the walk 😌 Along the way, I want to show you a few “call boxes” — these are the telephone poles that were originally used in emergency situations such as fires and attacks. They are now scattered all over America lonely and naked, but in the Dupont Circle area they are being restored and turned into small objects of art 🎨

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