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Easy Saturday at the sea coast. Something you don't expect to see in Holland!

25 July 2020

Holland is a land of authentic gingerbread houses by canals, tulips, technology and of course a weed 😂 But what you never expect to see here — is an amazing seashore with a natural reserve on sand dunes adjacent to that. This lovely Sunday morning we will come together to one of the finest resort areas just half an hour away from Amsterdam and enjoy the very special Dutch vibe with stories about moving and living in The Netherlands when you're a startup founder, originally from Ukraine. Should you have any questions — you can drop a comment here in advance, and I’ll answer during the live tour. Also, you can comment and interact with me while I’m broadcasting — this is more than welcome! Note — this tour is being broadcasted online, so you're only able to watch it when it's on-air (check the time within your time zone below or on your right). Can't make it? No worries! It will still be available for the Localie.Plus subscribers. Buy your premium Localie subscription for just €9.99 a month.

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