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A journey across the main «arteria» of the city: Tverskaya street

30 August 2020

Hello everyone, my name is Masha, your localie in Moscow. On Sunday, August 30th at 18:00 CET, will make a tour with you in the very city center across the main arteria of the city-Tverskaya street. We will find out her secrets and interesting facts, visit the supermarket which looks like a palace inside and then will dive into the heart of the main booking store of Moscow. Moreover, I will tell you about “walking houses” of the city, show you the hidden statue of Lenin and will open you the what makes people always laugh nearby the main Prada store. So, fasten your seat belts and…. let’s go! 😊


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Nick Nedelchuk

Watching it again and again! Masha — your online tours of Moscow are simply the best!


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