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Antalya is a little paradise

08 September 2020

Hello, it's Ogün, I'm your localie in Antalya☀️ Join my FREE online tour! I will introduce you to the most beautiful city in Turkey! 📌 Tuesday, 8th September at 19:00 CET I have been living in Antalya for 28 years and there are lots of hidden natural beauties. Life in Antalya is a little paradise. But here life begins after dark, not during the day. Is it the reason? Too much humidity and hot in the summer. On the other hand I cannot imagine living anywhere outside of Antalya because this place has different beauties in every season. In our short tour, I will introduce you to city centre and Kaleiçi with its details. We will start our tour with the hidden waterfall in the middle of the city, as I guess many guests doesn't know. Later, I will show you a small but fun tour in Antalya. Be with me on this beautiful tour! 😎

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