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Sochi — where sea and mountains meet

06 November 2020

Hi, I’m Nick! 🐵 COVID-19 pandemic made me move back from The Netherlands to Russia where I’m originally from. I can’t complain — since after 2.5 years living abroad I started missing my home country. This time I rethought my attitude to Russia, and now see much more beauty and many good little things that I got used to previously. Can you imagine that it’s +21C now in Russia, the sun is shining on the palm trees, and some people are still sunbathing at the sea coast? 😎Others are enjoying the hike in the tropical forests in the mountains! No, I’m not kidding, ‘cause this is the place where I’m hiding right now from the new wave of lockdowns! Of course, it’s not everywhere so warm and nice now in Russia, but here in Sochi it is! 📌 This Friday I’ll give you a free online tour from Sochi — right here in your Instagram! Stay tuned and join my LIVE broadcast from the walk in Southern Russia — this Friday, 1pm Amsterdam time (12pm London, 7am NYC). 👉Check out our stories now to set up the alarm and get your notification just before I’ll start. Any questions? Post them here in advance, and meanwhile please enjoy some great photos that I’ve made here in Sochi for you. See y’all soon!🥰

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