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Xmas vibe in Barcelona

04 December 2020

December is when a lot of cities into a magic world. What makes December and Christmas so special in Barcelona? Well there’s a few secrets and hidden gems in the city at this time... which I will help you explore this Friday, December 4th at 18:00 CET! Through my online tour, you will see how Barcelona is preparing their streets for this holiday, and how the bustling city life slows down and makes space for the special atmosphere. Yes, even during 👑 🦠 We are going to explore the most beautiful, unique street decorations!😍 The weather in December here is around 12-16 degrees, so you will know where all people go to see the snow! We will visit our historical Christmas market and discover our traditions, typical food, and gifts! And holidays are not complete without chocolate, so I will show you the best chocolate cafes and pastry shops! See you on Friday, then! Can't wait! 🎄




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Nick Nedelchuk

Can't wait to watch it! Barcelona is one of my favourite cities in Europe! Please tell us how it's going with the COVID restrictions and whether it's possible to travel to Barcelona right now.


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