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Beautiful Sunday biking around Buenos Aires

20 December 2020

Hello everyone! I’m Paula, your Localie in Buenos Aires! 👫🏻Come join me and my friend Brian this Sunday at 16:00 CET to get to know the Center part of the Capital! 🌿We will start the tour at the main square in the country: Plaza de Mayo We will show you 🌸 the last bit of Jacaranda flower season ⛪️The Metropolitan Cathedral from where Pope Francis was bishop 🏢The former Town Hall and the Government House (a.k.a the “Pink House”!) We will 👣Have a look at the local and antique Sunday fair 🚲Grab a free bike, cycle to Puerto Madero the newest Economic District and see La Plata River! Feel free to ask us anything! We’ve lived in the city our whole lives and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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