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Christmas vibe in St.petersburg

05 January 2021

If you’re willing to taste a real Christmas vibe during these hectic days, enjoy these beautiful pictures captured by our localie Nick just recently in St.Petersburg ❤️ 💡 Interesting fact: St.Petersburg is a city of islands, canals, and bridges. There are 33 large islands, 800 bridges, and over a hundred rivers, canals, and lakes. Christmas and New Year holidays are largely celebrated there, and although the whole city is massively decorated and hosts numerous festivities, the most Christmas place in St.Petersburg is the New Holland Island. Would you like to learn more? Then come join us in the online tour of New Holland Island — a live broadcast hosted by Nick where you can ask all your questions and interact with the host! This online tour will take place on January 5th: ⏰ 6 PM Amsterdam time ⏰ 5 PM London time ⏰ 12 PM New York time ⏰ 9 AM San Francisco time

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