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The Reality of Stalingrad (Volgograd)

22 January 2021

Hello friends! WELCOME to our online tour from the heart of Russia! We'd like to transport you to the world and tragedy that was Stalingrad. A battle so bloody that it will likely never be surpassed. Our friendly and knowledgeable Localie Gala will walk with you around Mamayev Kurgan memorial park in the heart of Volgograd and talk about a city with such a shocking past has transformed into the modern city that we see today. Gala will tell tales and answer questions! Our tours are always interactive and we invite questions! We try to personalise them to our audience so be sure to ask Gala all that you can, she will be delighted to answer to the best of her ability. We would LOVE for you to join her on Friday at 11:00 GMT (1pm CET, 2pm Moscow Time) on our instagram page! www.instagram.com/localie.co

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