Localie – Tours with English-Speaking Locals Around the World

What makes us different from other travel services?

A tour with localie

One tour takes half a day at least, covers few topics you’re interested in.

One-to-one tailored experience. No strangers, just you and a localie.

We meet at the place and time you find most convenient for you.

Every tour is personal, designed specifically for you and your interests.

Want to stop and chill for a bit on the way? Or just turn? No problem, full flexibility!

Localies are always friendly, open and welcoming. We make sure before adding them to the platform.

We let you find the best localie by matching interests, so it will be comfortable and exciting for you to spend time together.

You’re free to ask local lifehacks and travel tips before and after your tour.

Pay in advance and safe through our platform - no cash on site! If something went wrong, we will fully refund.

We offer a single flat rate worldwide - independently of where you’re going to or who will be your host.

We try to have our rates lower to the alternatives. So more people will be able to discover new cities being out of a tourist bubble.

Other projects

Usually, a guided tour or an “experience” is just one single topic, 2-3 hours.

There are strangers who break a personal connection between you and a guide.

A guided tour or an “experience” start at the fixed time and location.

Following a pre-defined standard agenda, your guide repeats same text as always.

No unplanned turns or stops, unless you want to miss a group.

No one cares if a guide is friendly or unfriendly — the most important is what she or he is telling, uh?

Normally it’s not possible to find a guide based on your interests. Why would that matter if this person is rather to tell just something?

Usual tours or “experiences” don’t assume someone will give you tips before or after.

Often, you pay by cash on site. Sometimes guides don’t have change. If something is wrong, no one to protect you.

All different prices, depending on the guide, title and city. Hard to figure out what’s the best value for money.

Cost of tours, especially professional guide services, are incredibly high. Moreover, they list a price per person, never for entire company.

Get free tips for your trip from the local insiders!

Type in when and where you travel next. A few days before departure, you’ll get the latest version of the checklist with the TOP ranked places to visit and tips by our localies!







Localie: a future of travel is now

Discover more hidden gems and local stories in every city you’re visiting. Localies are your key to that. They will show and tell the best. In their fluent English.


Our rates apply to a company of up to 4 people, are flat and do not depend on the localie you choose.

A day


Full day tour usually takes 6-8 hours

Half day


Half a day tour usually takes 3-4 hours

Localie supports you during an entire trip: communication with a local, payment process and on the tour itself.


We’re happy to help with any question you have at any time! Chat with us clicking the button on the bottom left of your screen or through your favourite messenger.


Call for a customer care specialist when you have a question or concern chatting with a localie. Just press “Call admin” on the top left. They will join you soon.


Payment through the platform gives you a guarantee that a localie will receive funds only after you’ll get the promised service. Otherwise we refund you.


We don’t limit our assistance to the time of your tour. Easily drop by your questions at any time, before or after the tour you’ve booked. Click the chat button on your right.

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