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To be honest, I didn’t fall in love with New York at first sight. Not even a second. I didn’t love it for quite some time and couldn’t quite understand why it was a city of dreams for many people. To me, it seemed to be noisy, filthy, smelly. It took me 5 visits and a week of walking in the city to finally start feeling its atmosphere and start dreaming about it. The dream came true in 2017. It was the first destination of my eat-pray-love year, but I loved so much that I decided to wrap up my year earlier and stay in New York.

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What's the best of my city?

I always say that you can only get to know New York through walking. Walking along the noisy Broadway and enjoying the city architecture. Or enjoying the sunset from Hudson River Park or watching the sunset directly behind the Statue of Liberty at Battery Park. Or strolling through East Village and stopping to take pictures of all the graffiti. The perfect walk though includes getting up early on a weekend, catch the sunrise on the Brooklyn Bridge (which is super crowded at any other part of the day), get a lavender honey latte from Hugh Jackman’s coffee shop and watch the beloved city slowly wake up and come to life.

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And, of course, New York is all about food: unicorn latte, cronut, lobster roll, sushi burger, fried pickles, olive oil ice cream - New York is the home for the weird (food)!

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For a full day, it is about 8 hours of activities together with our locals.

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