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My story

I've always been attracted to Barcelona since I came here for a visit 7 years ago. I got completely in love with the city, and instantly I've decided to move here. I loved the atmosphere, the sea, the people, and the international environment it is amazing

What do I do here?

I used to live in Madrid and Segovia. I am from Bucharest, but I have been living in Spain for 14 years now. Spain is an amazing country. I am grateful for having the privilege to visit almost the whole country. I study acting and I teach English. And I am a guide too, obviously :)

What's the best of my city?

What I mostly like in this city is the atmosphere, there is something unique in the air here that you can't find anywhere else. I love the people here, they're smiling all the time, and they are very open and welcoming. I love the international environment. The architecture and the beauty of this city never stop inspiring and impressing. And no matter how long you live here, you will always discover some new place.

My tours secret sauce

My tour would be the way l live it here. I can show you very nice places, places where the locals go. The way I like to travel is by meeting the people from those places, I also go to tourist places of course, but I like feeling the authenticity of the place. So it's going to be very interesting :). And I also have a professional camera, so your insta pictures could look perfect :)

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