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What if I say you that Milan is not only about Duomo cathedral? It is often said that there is nothing to visit except Duomo. There were more expectations...and this is not true! There are plenty of things to do, to see and to taste! The thing is that the most awesome places are hidden from the eyes of numerous tourists. Let's make a bet that after a walk with me, you will want to come back again? I can show you many more interesting places, some of them have a very scary history behind. We can walk through the ancient part of the city until the modern one, and then hide in one of the local cafes, which are hidden from the tourists. I am really fond of delicious food and wine, what about you?

What do I do here?

An advanced traveler avoids tourist spots. Observation decks, gorgeous nature, delicious food and the colors of the locals - this is a true gem! For the sake of all this, I even refused an English university. Moved from sunny Cyprus. And very quickly got used to the Italian dolce Vita! In the mornings - a cappuccino with brioche, in the evenings - a spontaneous aperitif (life hack, how to try everything and pay only 9 euros!). A dynamic and at the same time unhurried way of life, when you manage to see so many things and meet new faces, cozy courtyards, scary places but with a very interesting story!

What's the best of my city?

Milan is a city of contrasts where old buildings intersect with modern technology. Where graffiti continues the design and architecture of buildings; quiet streets are adjacent to crowded avenues where you can see the city from a bird's eye view or feel like a train driver of the whole train! By the way, I will share places where local people eat, what they say, what superstitions are inherent in Italians and what is obligatory to bring as a souvenir. You can safely ask any questions: How not to get weight in Italy, why is food in this country so important, how much does life cost here, and how can I move here?

My tours secret sauce

And I’ll also show locations for Insta pictures and take pictures of you from different angles with a great pleasure! I can speak 5 languages ​​and I am studying a Master degree in Management Engineering in one of the prestigious and old uni - Polytecnico di Milano. By the way, I can provide a room with a private bathroom in case you are searching for accommodation, and I love to cook so that no worries about breakfast, moreover, I can share recipes from real Italian grandmothers. I am looking forward to meeting you in person!

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