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Romin Nuro

master of ceremonies / event host

My story

I was born and spent all my life (besides 2 years in Moscow) in St. Petersburg. Since childhood I lived in the heart of the city and Petersburg became my great love. And when you like something, you really want to share it with others, this is why I'm here. It has, of course, its own shortcomings, such as climate. But it's also full of beautiful things, that you have to see at least once in your lifetime. And I'll do my best to make you fall in love with this phenomenal city.

What do I do here?

My main occupation is master of ceremonies. I work on different events, such as weddings, corporate parties, business events etc. I do my work not only in russian language, but also in english and french. My profession allows me not only to gain money, but also to meet new people from different countries, and I really like it.

What's the best of my city?

There are many places of interest here: palaces, museums, monuments etc, you can find them in many guidebooks. But as for me, I like secret spots: small cozy restaurants and bars, different viewpoints, courtyards. They give you a possibility to look at the city from the other point of view.

My tours secret sauce

I'll try to propose you something extraordinary: eg. we can go snowboarding at the ski resort, situated 80 km away from the city (only in winter, of course), visit any escape room quest (we have a lot of them here), spend the time on the shore of Baltic sea. Anyway, we can discuss it and find what is in everybody's interest. In addition, my hobby is photography, so I can take for you some interesting shots to keep your memories about this trip.

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This flat fee is effective for up to 4 travellers, applied for every localie and destination you choose. 5+ is twice the standard rate.

Whole day


For a full day, it is about 8 hours of activities together with our locals.

½ day


Your ½ day walk with one of our local takes half a day usually takes 4-5 hours.

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