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Art Director who works and lives in Amsterdam

My story

​I grew up in a small village nearby Amsterdam, so I already visited the city a lot as a child. Eventually, my goal was to live in this beautiful place and call it home. It's a small city but has a lot to offer. I like to know a place inside and out. It allows me to explore and make a city feel like a village again.

What do I do here?

I'm an Art Director who is working at an advertising company. I moved four times in the past two years before I moved to Amsterdam. Because of my studies, I lived in Utrecht, Rotterdam, and Londen. Living for a longer period of time in one city allows me to understand the culture and find my own ​way within that.​

What's the best of my city?

What I found the most interesting about living here is that it becomes more interesting once you get to know it better. You won't find me that often in the city center. I feel like the nicest places are the ones that you fi​nd over time and are spread out all over town.

My tours secret sauce

A beautiful view while you drink a glass of wine, a cozy environment to read a book, a café that makes apple pie out of apples grown in their yard. I'm a sucker for nice designs, cozy places, and unique experiences, even ones that pull me out of the city. Every now and then amazing events pop up, like an outdoor cinema or classical music in a car repair shop. It's nice to find a similar interest, explore and share experiences with people.​

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