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Allison Gouskos

Writer, explorer, animal lover, foodie, and social butterfly

My story

In August of 2016, I moved to Moscow from Bangkok to continue teaching English. I told myself I would stay 4 months max, and then move on to the next exotic locale. Four years later, I am still falling in love with this incredible city, and country, every day. After studying modern Russian history in college (specifically the relationship between the Soviet government and the Russian Orthodox Church), a childhood obsession with the Russian Empire and the Tsars (especially the Romanovs), and a strong desire for subzero temperatures after Bangkok’s stifling heat, Russia felt like a natural choice. Moscow in particular satisfied my need to be in a large, bustling city offering culture, amazing restaurants and bars, scenic neighborhoods, and beautiful parks. There is something to do 24/7. Much like New York, this city doesn’t sleep, and I never get bored of exploring and finding its hidden treasures.

What do I do here?

Writer, traveler, animal lover, and English teacher in love with her chosen home, Moscow. While teaching English is rewarding in its own way, I came here mainly to explore the cultural and historical side of Moscow. You can find me in new museums and galleries, exploring new alleyways and neighborhoods with my dog, or enticing my friends to join me at a cool new restaurant or bar I discovered. Moving to Moscow broke down almost all stereotypes I had about Russians and Russia. Moscow has its flaws, but it is cosmopolitan, beautiful, lively, and warm. Before I moved here, I was an American fin Bangkok. I stood out like a sore thumb, and I knew I could never feel connection to the culture past a certain level. Although I am not Russian, I feel like this is exactly where I’m meant to be now. Moscow has been truly magical for me and I would love to share that magic with others!

What's the best of my city?

When I first moved here, Moscow seemed a bit daunting, and to be honest, a little scary. However, I quickly discovered that most of the preconceived notions I had were incorrect. This city has everything... world class restaurants, museums, and shopping. It has incredible parks, monasteries, palaces, and estates. However, my favorite thing about this city is meeting new locals and other expats. I love to strike up a conversation, and find chatting with a local can give so much insight onto a place, the people, and their mentality and culture. I make friends with my elderly neighbors, people walking their dogs in the park, and new acquaintances. I love having Russian friends and this connection to the people. I think it’s given me a lot of insight into Moscow, and Russia as a whole, and I’d love to share that with visitors who may sometimes miss out on these conversations and insight due to language barriers or lack of opportunity. The goal is to show you Moscow as a local!

My tours secret sauce

My favorite pastimes are walking with my Labrador mix and exploring new areas, wandering through unexplored alley ways, discovering coffee shops, boutiques, architectural wonders, museums, and galleries. This has provided me with excellent insight on what to do in Moscow, and how to see it in the best way possible. I am open-minded, love to laugh, and could befriend a brick wall if I were so inclined. My main speciality is finding the best restaurants, bars, and hangout areas in Moscow (and knowing which to avoid). Over the past four years, I have witnessed the culinary and culture scene blossom, and discovering new, cosmopolitan, and delicious restaurants is my passion. Given my educational background, I can also inject some history, but this is not my main goal. I can plan a tour for you, or we can work together to create the best itinerary for you and your interests! My mission is to create the optimal experience for each individual or group, and to show you my Moscow!

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