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Hassan Kamel

An active , social , cheerful guy who loves doing sports and travelling around.

My story

I'm originally from Egypt , been living in Istanbul for 6 years and counting, and this city never seizes to amaze me. There's always something different to do in Istanbul , whether it's to go sight-seeing by the Bosphorus or the lovely night life in this city.

What do I do here?

I'm a university student living in the heart of Istanbul , and I organize events for a living. Life has dramatically changed for me since I moved to this city , and I can easily say that the best thing about Istanbul is how it's very easy to commute to anywhere , making it easy to get to any location you want. Another thing everyone gets to experience in this lovely city is the fascinating multicultural diversity here , you literally get to meet people from all around the planet!

What's the best of my city?

The diversity in this city will impress anyone! There's a lot of simplicity in this city when it comes to sight-seeing or travelling around. I can do as little as sit by the sea and grab a drink while enjoying the lovely Bosphorus view around me. And if it's the weekend (or even weekday), there are alot of bars at night to choose to go to. The nightlife has a very cool vibe in this city!

My tours secret sauce

Making new friends and meeting people from different countries around the world is always a breath of fresh air. I always appreciated learning someone's culture from their own point of view, and what better way is there to do that than by discovering the city with you ?! It might be interesting to travel with me because I don't want to just take you to fancy places and go sight-seeing , I want to show you the secret lowkey restaurants with delicious food , and the night life and in this beautiful city . Most importantly, I wanna create memories that will make you want to come back again!


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Whole day


For a full day, it is about 8 hours of activities together with our locals.

½ day


Your ½ day walk with one of our local takes half a day usually takes 4-5 hours.

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