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Renata Bakirova

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My story

Thanks to my parents who always took me on vacation abroad and gave me an opportunity to travel all aeound the world. Being in different countries surely shaped my personality amd, I’d say, mentality of the world citizen. Düsseldorf was never in my plans till I met the love of my life and we moved here, but now I can’t imagine a better place to live as it’s a perfect match for me!

What do I do here?

I’m a full-time content creator working with many brands and growing their online presence. As much as I love my job and I do it even in my spare time — I am also into yoga, painiting, exploring the world and many more things.

What's the best of my city?

It’s an absolutely beautiful German city and has a perfect balance of everything. Fashion and art lovers will never get bored here as it’s considered to be a fashion capital of Germany, and I can’t agree more. And it also has the biggest Asian community in Europe! So just in case you have a soft spot for Asia, Düsseldorf must be on your list for sure!

My tours secret sauce

I wish I could share the magic behind it but it wouldn’t be so special anynore.. One thing you should be prepared for — that day will be the day to remember✨

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