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Anastasiia Bazhenova

Working in startup and travelling full-time

My story

Hey! I'm Nastya, I'm 21. And I'm also an extremely curious person. This feeling prompted me to move to Switzerland from Yekaterinburg (quite a big city in Russia) when I finished school. To be fair, my family also moved a lot before moving. Studying abroad has given me a cool environment from all over the world, work experience and courage in decision-making. And in an amazing way, I met "my person" while living in Zurich, who, like me, came to study from hot Sri Lanka. After graduating from university, I did not want to stay in Switzerland, so I went to discover new countries. And all the circumstances coincided so perfectly that I came to Asia for the first time and stayed here. Initially, we did not plan to live in the tropics but decided that it would be cool to spend the cold months in a country where instead of a prickly winter scarf and cold air, you can swim in the ocean and bask in the sun every morning. It is a cool experience going to hot countries for the winter months, I can tell you this for sure!

What do I do here?

Since my very first job, I've been in the hospitality industry. I managed to work as a waitress, manager and translator for international delegations at various events, I also worked as a career choice consultant at my university, it will take me to list volunteer projects and hobbies even longer :) When leaving to Switzerland, I was sure that I wanted to work in a hotel, but I realized that such work rarely involves mobility. Therefore, after university, Localie and remote work appeared in my life. I am very glad to be part of the team, we come up with crazy ideas and we are united by a humble desire to make travel cooler, more interesting, brighter. By the way, I am engaged in SMM, author's travels making and finding interesting locals all over the world!

What's the best of my city?

Hmm ... Good question. I came to Sri Lanka as a guest and am still discovering new places for myself. There are plenty of amazing spots here, because we are in Asia, which means that a lot can surprise here. I love the local sunsets, warm ocean, fresh seafood and fruits, a regular dose of vitamin D. The nature here is stunningly beautiful, and also here in one day you can sunbathe on the beach and drive a couple of hundred kilometers on the same day frantically looking for a sweater in your bag ... It will be interesting for you to discover ancient temples, millennial heritage, to feel the pace of life and colors of Asia. I am here to show you non-tourist places and get rid of the obsessive bustle, because once I was also in the place of a person who came to discover this island for the first time.

My tours secret sauce

I will show you why the locals love their country so much and why foreigners move here. I will show you the heart of Asia, introduce you to culture and history, for me the main thing in travel are emotions. I want you to feel the uniqueness of the island. Last but not least, my journey is unique thanks to the support of my boyfriend who, as a local, has gathered for us locations and activities that you won't find on the internet. We will try and learn how to cook local food, look at the inhabitants of the ocean, travel several hundred kilometers and get a portion of the incredible aesthetics of Asia.

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