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Haider Ali

Tour guide, Entertainer and a food lover

My story

I was working in India in tourism where I met someone very special who changed my life completely and helped me to be in one of the most beautiful cities of Russia, Saint Petersburg. I came here five years back as a tourist and St. Petersburg stole my heart it was second time when it happened in my life. Since then I decided to be in love with this amazing city as much as I am with my native city Agra, India.

What do I do here?

I am a tour guide and I have been working as a local expert since five years in St. Petersburg. I am in tourism sphere because showing around is my passion and my love of travelling keeps this passion alive in me. Before coming to Saint Petersburg I was doing the same job in India and after arriving to Saint Petersburg I was in a search of job but when I didn't get the job I got disappointed and thought that I have to go back to India but you never know what the destiny has planned for you. I had a dream that night and in my dream I was talking to my passion and the passion of travelling said to me why don't you come to me. That morning was a turning point in my life because I got the point that I should follow my passion in Saint Petersburg as well. Since then I have been enjoying my life in Amazing Saint Petersburg as much as I love it.

What's the best of my city?

I like all that what this amazing city has whether, it's rivers, river channels, draw bridges, island's, astonishing cathedrals, museums, metro stations, historical monuments, palaces, different types of cuisines, cafes, Palace Square, victory coloums or than boat cruise. Saint Petersburg will amaze you by its look of venice and symmetry in it's Neoclassical architecture. It's has astonishing buildings from early 18th century which are amazingly designed. You will be completely amazed by visiting the Hermitage museum and by taking a draw bridges cruise ride. Not only this your visit to Peterhof Palace will be an unforgettable experience of life which will remain for ever.

My tours secret sauce

With me you will be able to know this amazing city and it's people from inside out. Because I have been with the Russians since 8 years so my experience of being with the natives will let you know them as much as possible. Because I know how important it is to understand a different culture and mentality the same I experienced 8 years back so with me you have greater chances to get deeper. And if you think about the city so I want to say one thing that I know this amazing city better than anyone here because Saint Petersburg is my love.

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