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My story

I was born and raised in this city being a growing up witness of all the life changes for the past three decades. My parents and part of grandparents are Moscow born too, so our family has a lot of history stories, told each other through generations. My first part of life, until 12 years old, was spent in the Northern Part of Moscow in Tushino. Then everything turned upside down and we moved to the very South to North Butovo. And my friends live all over the city, so it's every day big trip discovering different corners of Moscow. Wandering along every colourful line of our underground. And it's really a huge city to explore and you can never get bored here - it really is a wild fusion of different epochs, centuries, architectual styles, levels of life. Although, If I hadn't been born here - that wouldn't have been easy to decide to move here, like many people do - Moscow is very special. It's a she. She seems as a beautiful and complicated woman with her own secrets and treasures.

What do I do here?

I have been studying and teaching in this city. First part of my life I was a pupil and a student, exploring museums and scientific places here. As soon as I graduated I started tutoring English and Spanish around. I had been working part-time at courses in different language schools for 6 years, until I finally got into online teaching mainly. Which led to many more possibilities to stay outdoors and be wherever I want. I am often asked to help with interpreting services, meeting foreighers at the airports, showing around. So Moscow is my whole office, I combine my classes and sessions with lots of walking around the city, visiting new places, both touristically attractive and distant. I guess I would never chose any other city to live in constatntly rather that this one, my hometown. Yes it can be too crazy with traffic and instat crowds most of the times - but I do love it. It is my home and I am proud to live here.

What's the best of my city?

Сontrary to aging law, Moscow is getting younger and younger every year. She - and I definetely call her a woman - is getting more and more beautiful, energetic, spacious, lively and modern. And I would be glad to impress new travellers with these feelings. I suppose Moscow is very unique with architecture and inhabitants. And it's such a breathing city/ Everytime I take a new look around I find more picturesque views with mixed buildings of several centuries, in every new neighbourhood I see elderly citizens are slipping away into youngsters, religion is mixed with fashion, 1950s with 21st century - it's a kaleidoscope of tastes and colours. Even on a rainy dull day I'll point you at amazing sites of my city - you'll never regret visiting it (Her) and these memories will warm your hearts for many years ahead.

My tours secret sauce

Being an indigene Moscowite, I am a good friend with Whispering Moscow - there are places and time that no tour can show. I am able to show the lives of real people here, telling stories of how Moscow has really changed over 100 years - 33 of which I have witnessed myself. You need to feel the spirit of true genuine city that lives its life not depending on the tourist season. Now it's the time when I can see everything myself, go back through my old memories of childhood in the 1990s here, different rules and policy in the city, comparing vogue hipster spaces to retro flats on the outskirts and much more. Being also a big traveller myself - I am aware of what truly inspires and interests us in new places and I am totally ready to meet those expectations.

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