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Arturo Munhoz

A wandering Brazilian

My story

Prague is a crazy place, most of the expats I've met here only came for a few months to teach English, but ended up staying for years... That's not my story, tho. I've been here for 3+ years after graduating from Hospitality Management, after getting a job in a hospitality tech company. Since moving here, I've managed to settle in a great flat, made many friends, and am happy to call this city my home. While I don't plan on living here for the rest of my life, I'm definitely not looking to move out anytime soon...

What do I do here?

I work in a tech company doing e-learning and video tutorials for a living. It's pretty fun, actually! Other than that, my hobbies include jamming with my friends, watching the sunset in a park, eating good food and traveling around. I've already been to more than 40 countries, and living here in central Europe is helping me increase that number quite fast!

What's the best of my city?

Prague is a bit of a hidden gem. Tourists tend to come here often, but I rarely see them leaving the old town, which is quite a shame. Prague is a city of a few different hills, so the view from one is always completely different from the other, albeit just as beautiful. I've heard somewhere that Prague is the European city with the most parks, which I'm not sure I believe, but it certainly seems to be true. What I do believe is that we were ranked #1 city in the world with the best parks! (they all have beer gardens, so there's that..) A pint of freshly poured beer here costs you less than 2€, the architecture is truly captivating (if you're interested, I guess...) and all-in-all there's just a great vibe all around!

My tours secret sauce

I've shown a few friends and family members around town when they came to visit, and all were very satisfied with the services. Also idk if it's a big plus but I love taking pictures, so if you'd like I can show you some cool view spots and whatnot.

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