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My story

February 2021 marked the beginning of my solo-travel journey. I have since lived in San Sebastian, Spain, New York City and now, Paris, France! As a college graduate with a degree in Fashion Merchandising, I knew Paris was the European city I was destined to explore in my 20s. I moved here in September of 2021 and haven't looked back since. I love everything this city has to offer. Museums, cafes, art galleries, gardens, beautiful streets, friendly people, etc. It really is an amazing city, and it offers something new to be explored with each and every day.

What do I do here?

As a lover of arts and culture, that is what you can typically find me doing in and around Paris. A typical day for me looks like: enjoying a "café au lait" on a local Parisian terrace, then strolling around a nearby garden and admiring the gorgeous scenery, maybe I'll pop into a museum to explore pieces of art that tell beautiful stories, then of course wrap my day up with a lovely dinner on the streets of Paris. This city has so much to offer that aligns with my personal interests. I love to stroll, enjoy drinks, museum-hop and admire art. Of course, Paris offers so many opportunities for me to do just that.

What's the best of my city?

Travellers should visit Paris because it is a hub for arts and culture. The beauty of this city is magnificent. From Parisian-style architecture, to gorgeous cafes and bakeries, to lush gardens and modern shopping areas, there is something for everyone in Paris. The food is tremendous and ranges from so many different cuisines, the people are friendly and the scenery is beautiful. Furthermore, the expat community is huge in Paris. So whether you are interested in getting to know a local Parisian, or an individual from across the world who ended up calling Paris "home", like myself, then this city is perfect for you.

My tours secret sauce

The secret "sauce" of tours with me is that I love to venture off the beaten path. Of course, I love the must-see sites in Paris, but I can offer you these sites, with unique twists. As a lover of photography, I know the best photo spots in Paris to capture the beauty of monuments in a natural way. I also have ventured to many lowkey museums, galleries, restaurants and more and would love to offer you my suggestions on how to maximise your stay in Paris. I am passionate, and I am a people person. I can't wait to enthusiastically show you around my city and get to know you and your story. Let's book a tour!

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