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David Barclay

Photographer, musician, butcher and all round nice guy.

My story

I was Born 19th August 1992 in the town of Irvine, Scotland. Ive Lived in Scotland all my life and to be honest i do love seeing new places and what else the world has to offer but coming home to Scotland is always a must because the beauty i have on my doorstep is one that i could not be without.

What do I do here?

My Names David Barclay, Youtuber, Photographer, Guitarist, Vocalist and Master Butcher.... that last one is actually more to do with my up bringing see i was born into a family of butchers and we have our own business! At Heart I've always been a creative person and i just love stepping out that door and finding adventure but i also love to document that adventure by filming and taking photos so i can remember every single one!

What's the best of my city?

Theres alot in Glasgow that you might find interesting i mean theres all the usual stuff like museums etc but lets be honest its better to get hands on, theres not a better way to get to know Glasgow than heading to the west end getting a few drinks at the pub then going a stroll through the incredible botanic gardens then after that grab a munch (something to eat ;) ) at one of the Glasgows finest restaurants which are also located in the Westend. I've been a few places in the world but ill tell you one thing, the night life and the people of Glasgow will give you a night you wont forget. but apart from getting drunk and having the best night ever i also like walking round the city center during the day with my camera trying to just capture some of the people of Glasgow at their finest, this might be at Glasgow central or George square or maybe along to Merchant City but one things for sure i always get that shot.

My tours secret sauce

I was in a band for years and played some of Glasgows biggest Venues like King Tuts, O2 Academy and The Barrowlands, if theres one thing Glasgow has its an incredible music scene and guess who knows all the best venues and spots? thats right, your new best bud Dave thats who! so lets head to stereo, Ivory Blacks, The Garage, Nice N sleazies or Broadcast any of these awesome wee venues, have a drink and listen to some of Glasgows finest unsigned acts.

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