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Eduardo Negrete

Always a traveller, never a tourist

My story

I was born and raised in Mexico city suburbs, life gave me the oportunity to study in Europe, from there I got a pretty good perspective of my home city, and the magic that can be seen only by outsiders eyes, and once you have this, your home city will never the same, since you can experience both worlds, and both heartbeats. I don't think I end up here, I think I'll find myself here and there.

What do I do here?

I work in real estate, and have plenty experience in industrial processes, and construction. My main hobbies are from table top games, to hiking in the forest and cities, learning languages and enjoying tasty meals. My actual work-hobbies are being a youth counselor to campments and excursions to historical places, always learning details that normal people don't share or learn by having this as a way of life.

What's the best of my city?

The philosophy in the lord of the rings book, describes the word cosmopolitan as open to know and understand other beings and cultures, therefore I think Mexico city is build on this premise. México city is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in all over the world. Always capable and eager to present a life enduring adventure in every aspect the traveller is looking for From historical sightseeing to shopping experiences or culinary findings

My tours secret sauce

As I said before, I have been a traveller also, avoiding the tourist traps whenever is possible. And having experience life in other countries. And having been raised in Mexico city, I am pretty sure I can show the Magic of this place from the domestic perspective and also knowing the treasures that México have to offer to travellers from another cultures From having a Walk into the city tour, direct from the airport or sightseeing places around like piramids and historical places and museums, to the cosmopolitan life of one of the greatest cities of the human being, Mexico city.

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Road Trip


This flat fee is effective for up to 4 travellers, applied for every localie and destination you choose. 5+ is twice the standard rate.

Whole day


For a full day, it is about 8 hours of activities together with our locals.

½ day


Your ½ day walk with one of our local takes half a day usually takes 4-5 hours.

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