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Gabriel George

A passionate explorer! See all my travels via instagram @gabonvoyage Localie in Antalya!

My story

I have spent most of my life traveling because of my job (i used to own a travel consultancy back in the Philippines for five years) where I lived all south-east asia. Then I decided to move to Turkey last 2016...and up till now I still am here because i feel in love with this beautiful country and i wanted to share this beautiful experience to all travelers who will come to Turkey (especially Antalya!).

What do I do here?

My name is Gabriel. 29 years old. Originally from the Philippines. Currently, I am a freelance nomad doing online marketing and sales for an international export company based in Turkey that is why I am lucky to be based in Antalya. I also trach business and conversational English to students as part time work. My work style is very flexible that is why I am able to travel in my free time all over Turkey and also to its neighbour countries in Europe and Caucasus. This kind of work life balance has made me appreciate and explore as much as I can which is my primary dream: to live a free life to do what i want which is to explore and travel!

What's the best of my city?

As i said I grew up in an island back in the Philippines so i am very fond of the sea and of hot weather which brings me to my main reason why Antalya is such a perfdct city for me. Antalya is located in the Mediterranean seaside with full of history, character, vibrant city life, and amazing natural beaches and parks to explore! It is a big city but you will feel a sense of ease because lifestyle in Antalya is very chill and mostly everyone knows how to enjoy life. You can see people in the beaches after work or doing picnic with their friends, or hanging out in the city's wide selection of restaurants and bars. These few reasons makes Antalya such a perfect city where there's always something to see, to explore, to do, to meet...all you can do in your own pace, no one's in a hurry, just overall chill city Mediterranean vibe.

My tours secret sauce

I may not be Turkish but living in Antalya for almost 2 years, I can consider myself as a localie! With all my amazing trips, picnics, beach hopping, city hang-outs, etc all over the city, i just wanted to share these to travelers. Whenever I travel, i always want to see the secret and hidden gems of a city and that is what I am planning to share to my travelers! I know the prettiest spots for sunset, the coolest bars to hang out in old town, the best spot for your sunbathing needs, the yummiest Turkish lunch feast in the city, and so on. I'll be your funny and wholesome travel buddy in Antalya! Can't wait to see you soon!

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