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My story

I moved to the UK almost ten years ago and lived in London ever since. I worked in Marketing, IT and Finance but prior to that I’ve tried myself as a promoter on gaming exhibitions, extra for Bollywood movies and British artist agent. I always loved London but a couple of years ago I’ve discovered my new passion - getting out and about, chatting to people and helping them discover London’s secrets, hidden gems. I’ve visited every part of UK so know secret, quirky, hidden or historic Britain inside out. If you you want to have fun and see the city through the eyes of a local you are at the right place.

What do I do here?

I love travelling and exploring because you do new stuff every single day. It’s almost impossible not to. I love find myself doing things I would have never imagined possible like swimming with sharks or paragliding. I’m super adventurous and always up to some hiking, cycling, paddling or new cuisine trying and wine tasting.

What's the best of my city?

London is an incredible city hiding countless hidden gems and there is no way to see them all. So apart from standard Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and Parliament I can carefully select the most special cool and unique places that are truly worth your time. We can have a coffee in a late-nineteenth-century gents’ toilet, hire a self-drive boat to explore Little Venice or have a pint in Diagon Alley that is in fact Leadenhall Market.

My tours secret sauce

I know secret, quirky, hidden or historic London inside out. I can give you a sight of the London's finest royal palaces, such as Tower of London or Kensington Palace, walk you through Harry Potter film locations or organise anything starting form historic pub crawl to a relaxed weekend escape to the beach. 

I also provide
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