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Maria Khvorostenko

Fun, full of energy and very creative 😜

My story

In 2017 I moved to the Netherlands for studies. I have graduated from the Hague University of Applied Sciences recently. I used to live in Den Haag for almost three years but by the end of my studied I decided to move to Rotterdam. Because why not? ;)

What do I do here?

My bachelors degree is industrial design, currently I am working as a visual merchandiser. Also, I am a personal and a fashion stylist. Apart from fashion and design, I love singing, performing arts in general. Theatre and literature bring me a lot of joy. One of my favourite authors is Shakespeare. I love everything about this author or authors? One of the biggest mysteries of the modern world. Recently, I started doing kickboxing and I signed up for guitar lessons. I believe it is enough for now 😉

What's the best of my city?

Rotterdam is a very vibrant city full of contrasts. You can find everything here : amazing food spots, beautiful modern and classic architecture, museums, bars, design spots. It is a small city but with a big city energy. Den Haag is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen in my life. City center looks like a dolls house, very tiny but yet fascinating. Museums, sea, royal family, famous Leiden university, international criminal court and a peace palace. Den Haag is full of unique bars, sometimes there are parties and beer tasting in the churches, a lot of nature and festivals.

My tours secret sauce

I care a lot about people and their feelings. It is very important to me to give you the best experience and show you all the amazing spots in the city. I will tell you a lot of interesting stories and I will make sure to make you smile and laugh.

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