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Nikol Toteva

Journey with me to Como where I can show you the ultimate "la dolce vita" 😊

My story

Let's actually journey back to 2018 where I made the decision to buy a one-way ticket to Italy where I became an Au Pair for a family of 5. In that year I was able to become familiar with the Italian culture and had such an easy schedule so I used my free time to travel through the country. Fast forward to the fall of 2019 where that same family asked me to return to Italy for a few months only this time I took the chance and decided to stay. I told myself either I can go back home to America and do my same routine everyday or I can send my resume out in Italy and quite possibly get the opportunity to move here. On December 1st of 2019 I moved to my first apartment in Como, Italy. Do the things that scare you the most because chances are you'll live your best life by doing that!

What do I do here?

Currently, I'm an English teacher at one of the private language institutes in the Como city center and though I have a busy schedule I make the time to do the things that I love the most. I absolutely adore buying a cappuccino early in the morning and watching the people go by in my favorite local piazza. I have a very strong relationship with my camera so I'm usually carrying it with me even If I'm making my way to work. I would never want to miss out on an opportunity to photograph the city. Photography is my life above all and I could even take photos for anyone willing to go on one of my tours. On the weekends I am out and about exploring, usually travelling because Como has three different train stations that can take you to Milan and a train station that takes you to Switzerland!! Another reason why I love living in Como. Let's not forget that one of my hobbies is eating so I'm always scoping out the new eateries in the city. I have a lot of great recommendations for travellers!

What's the best of my city?

Como is one of the most unique cities of Italy for various reasons. While it's not your typical city that travellers most often hear about, Como in my eyes is the star of the north. You're greeted with mountainous landscapes and a city center that has such a beautiful and vibrant atmosphere. It's easy to do in two days and you have access to see this area by ferry boat and that has to be one of my favorite activities to participate in. Como is surrounded by famous landmarks like Bellagio and Varenna and has been a famous destination since medieval times. There are also some jaw-dropping historical facts that I could introduce you to while taking you through the city. It's an opportunity that you wouldn't want to miss!

My tours secret sauce

I'm an over-the-top people person so I'm not shy at all and I believe in my travellers being 100% comfortable with me and trusting me above all. I can show you the local gems and even introduce you to the owners of the best eateries that I'm familiar with. I'm also full of Como historical information if you love history and am able to take you on a ferry to show you some of the most famous landmarks of the lake area. Maybe even George Clooney's house. If you prefer to go swimming, then I know the cleanest and most beautiful part of Lake Como to do that at. If you prefer to explore ancient villas and olive groves then I'm your girl for that. If you're a hiker, I have the secret to a trail in Como that has a view of the entire lake and that goes through the backroads of ancient villages. Moreover, I have the knowledge of the tastiest gelato in Italy!! I'd say that rain or shine, I can give you the opportunity of a lifetime plus some professional photos :)

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