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My story

We are a power couple born and raised in Prague, passionate locals on a mission to show you the city with our eyes. We preach the slow travel concept, where you slow down, connect with local people, taste authentic cuisine, and enjoy everything. We would love to connect with you during this experience, give you our best tips about Prague and enjoy some beer in good company.

What do I do here?

My name is Petra. I am an avid polyglot who enjoys practicing foreign languages and meeting new people from different cultures. I am a huge flea market lover and love exploring hidden spots of Prague and especially enjoying the good food. I am not working for any company and have a lot of free time. I'm Michal, Petra's partner and a culprit in this experience. I worked in the Czech branches of a large international human rights NGO and am now settled in marketing. I'm obsessed with all the funny quirks and the tragic aspects of the former totalitarian socialist regime and its heritage, which still influence our society today. I'm also an avid photographer, and my camera is always ready.

What's the best of my city?

In the last 20 years our hometown has changed beyond recognition due to mass tourism. We feel ashamed for the practices of many entrepreneurs in tourism who see guests from abroad as if they were only wallets full of dollars, and we also do not like that sometimes Prague is seen as the cheapest pub in Europe. We believe that it is possible to do tourism in a different way. The way we love to enjoy other cities while traveling on our own, discovering the city by locals eyes, having authentic experiences and by doing this making the tourism more sustainable. Because of her location right in the geographical center of Europe, Prague played the role of a crossroad between Western and Eastern influence and culture for centuries. As if she didn't want to decide where to belong, she was picking the best and worst from both sides. Prague is well known for her uniquely preserved medieval quarters. Still, it would be a huge mistake to not look around and explore other interesting aspects of culture, art, architecture, and also cuisine, which were combined over centuries under multiple empires, monarchs, and political regimes, including dark periods of Nazism and Communism to create a uniquely Central European experience.

My tours secret sauce

Prague is not just the bridge and Astronomical clock. Prague is one of the most visited cities in the world, which can make the crowded city center, copycat "traditional" restaurants, and other tourist attractions quite a shallow experience. As we faced the challenge of showing the city to our foreign friends and colleagues, we developed tactics to show the city how we were enjoying it. Because especially if you are not afraid to venture away from the medieval quarters, there are so many other exciting histories and cultures to be explored.

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