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My story

So, hi to everybody ! For thoose who don't know me my name is Peu! Actually its Pedro, but for some reason it changed since I was a kid. Anyway, my history it's kind of short. I'm from a city in Brazil called Recife, which is in the northeast of the country, and decided to come to Lisbon because of an exchange student program from my university. After a while, I decided that I was gonna move here for good, and now I study music production and jazz! Really happy with everything that happend and yeah, that's it!

What do I do here?

I like to play music a lot haha, I play drums, keyboard, guitar, bass and piano, but mostly drums. Also like to read a lot about poetry and psychology, don't know why, just think it's really interesting. What else, I like to walk randomly through the city while listening to music and discovering new and random places, also to meet new people and have a beer with a good talk haha.

What's the best of my city?

Lisbon it's such a beautiful city, it has so much history but with a mix of cultures that I’ve only seen in some rare places in my life. The people here are great, really open minded and cheerful. A lot of brazilians (YAY), and people from all around the world. Besides, the thing that attracts me the most is the mix between nature and urban, it's really nice that even with the buildings and everything, Lisbon it's full of nature around it, with parks, forests etc. Also, the cities near here are beautiful, and again, the food it's great. But the most important for me it's, Music! Everywhere you go there's always gonna be a random person playing something on the streets, or jams that you can participate.

My tours secret sauce

Besides the most touristics spots around the city, I also know a lot of places that much aware by the tourist, but more from the community part. I think it's really cool to be part of the city, not only to discover it, but to the part of it as a whole, knowing places that people go normally, besides the most famous places. I like a lot of hiking, so be prepared for some walking haha and, if you like music, I know a lot of places that we can jam together !

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