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Polina Karassiova

Artist, photographer, model

My story

I came to study at the Sorbonne I. I always dreamed of getting this education here. It was in Paris that it arrived by the “spear method”. Perhaps this is how the subconscious mind works. Now I'm studying archeology and art history. I’ve been living here for almost a year now and yes, life in Paris cannot be unambiguous, but it is definitely more interesting!

What do I do here?

In Ukraine, I worked as a translator and teacher of French for the last three years, when I suddenly wanted to study (and to study what is really interesting to me). And here I am, in the city of sins and miracles in eternal contemplation and anticipation (still!).

What's the best of my city?

The combination of classics and modernity, bureaucracy and democracy, wealth and poverty, breathtaking views and mysterious slums, spirituality and aesthetics of materialism. Many historical places where many intellectuals drew inspiration: artists, musicians, writers...

My tours secret sauce

Fifth arrondissement (places where local students hang out), medieval cathedrals, ancient and modern libraries, non-profit galleries, the University, the most picturesque parks, locations of the cult French cinema, theatres, the best bakeries and a couple of good restaurants, a poetry club.

Places of Interest
Creative Spaces
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